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Sell a House Needing Major Repairs

sell house needing major repairs

Sell a House Needing Major Repairs

Selling a house can be a challenge. Often buyers will want the house to look like that show they saw on HGTV with fresh modern gray paint with new luxury vinyl plank flooring. These are minor updates that most sellers can easily do to improve the value of the house.

The difficult situation is when you have to sell a house needing major repairs. These don’t necessarily increase the value of the house. They are mainly deferred maintenance that could prevent you from being able to sell to the typical home buyer. Here are some common repairs that may need to be considered when selling your house.


The foundation is one of the most important parts of the house. It is the base for which the entire house is supported.  Down here in South Louisiana where we live, the most common types of foundations are slab and raised.


With a slab foundation, the soil below can settle causing the concrete to crack.  If the soil continues to settle, the movement of the slab can create problems in other areas of the house.  Depending on the amount of movement, the concrete may need to be shored up and any cracks sealed.


A raised foundation is more common with older homes.  The increased height can be an advantage in areas that flood.  However, the exposure of the wood to moisture and pests can cause the wood to be damaged.

Any defects in the foundation will need to be disclosed to a home buyer.  Most buyers will want to make sure that these defects are repaired prior to buying your house as the cost can be high but does not add any additional value. We’ve even heard of some companies that buy houses who won’t touch a house if there are slab issues.


In south Louisiana, roofs are a key element in protecting the house from above.  The most common types are metal and shingle.  Roofs receive plenty of abuse from wind, rain, and summer heat (not to mention tropical storms and hurricanes with their higher insurance deductibles).

Often, a shingle roof that you thought had years of life remaining turns out to be in need of replacement.  This can be caused by improper ventilation and accumulated leaves that add weight and moisture.  There are many great options for a roof replacement but this can be costly. If you do not replace the roof, it can be hard to sell your house because this is a major repair.


You will want to check to see how old your hot water heater is. Most hot water heaters will last 8 to 15 years depending on if they are gas or electric.

Also, perform a sewer line inspection to confirm the cast iron lines below the slab haven’t busted. Replacement of the sewer lines may require tunneling under the slab and can run thousands of dollars.

Air Conditioning and Heating

A fully functional air conditioner is a necessity during south Louisiana summers. No homeowner is going to want to buy a house that has an AC that is not working or that has not been maintained properly. The cost of replacing a complete HVAC system can exceed $5000 depending on the size of the unit.

Sell House Without Making Major Repairs

If you need to sell a house that needs major repairs, give us a call and learn about how you can sell your house as-is. We buy houses for cash in any condition throughout Orleans Parish, including New Orleans; Jefferson, including Metairie, Kenner, Marrero, Harvey, Gretna, and Westwego; St. Tammany Parish, including Mandeville, Covington, Madisonville, Abita Springs, and Slidell; and Tangipahoa, including Hammond and Ponchatoula.

Whether you can’t afford to make the repairs on your own or just don’t feel like dealing with it, we’re here to help. We’ll give you a cash offer within 24 – 48 hours and can typically close in less than 14 days.