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Stop Paying Two Mortgages

This is a story about a young couple who grew up in South Louisiana. They bought their first house, got married, and had their first child all within a few years. They now were moving to a new home almost 500 miles away because of a new job starting within a month.

They reached out to the real estate agent who had helped them buy their first house in the first place.  The Realtor agreed to list the old home and told them not to worry – once the economy started improving they would get a home buyer in no time.  The young couple were a little worried because they were paying two mortgages but were hopeful things would turn out just fine.

Six months went by and our hopeful couple were still making two mortgage payments on 2 houses – their new one and their old vacant house. Their old house was no closer to being sold than when they first listed it.

This story is about my wife and I. Many people like us have no other choice than moving and leaving their old home behind for an agent to sell. They take the needed cash for the “two mortgages” out of their savings account, sometimes even out of their retirement funds just to stay current on the two mortgages and preserve their credit.

Meanwhile, they’re risking more and more that the money will never come back to them. Extended listing periods, declining real estate markets, cost of upkeep and cost of selling all work against them. Wouldn’t you agree that New Orleans area home owners should at least take a look at a fast selling solution to stop paying two mortgages?

The problem when you don't stop paying two mortgages is that your current home and your family suffers. We ended selling our old house almost a year later and had to bring a $20K check to closing just to cover all the closing costs and pay off the loan!

If you’re in that situation, contact us today! We can make a fast cash offer and close quickly so you can stop paying two mortgages and use your “double payment” money in more beneficial ways next month.

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Stop Paying Two Mortgages

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